Personalized Plans

Brachytherapy (also known as Internal Radiation Therapy or Implant Therapy) has proven to be a highly successful treatment for cancers of the breast, skin and uterus.The ION’s team will design your plan of therapy using modern technologies. ION doctors and technicians will design your treatment to limit side effects to surrounding healthy tissue. Typically radiation is delivered in a series of five to ten treatment sessions.

Simple and Effective Treatment 

Non-melanoma skin cancer patients are treated with custom devices based on the location, size and shape of the area of interest. Radiation sources placed in or near tumors are delivering promising results, both cosmetic and local control with limited side effects, for patients. Brachytherapy is an excellent alternative for some patients who might otherwise not be able to tolerate several weeks of conventional radiation therapy.


Accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) 

Accelerated partial breast irradiation is a highly desirable method to treat breast cancer patients and the long term results are very encouraging. Using a Mammosite or Contura balloon, ION team of experts, administer the radiation directly to the surgical site within the tissue where the tumor or tumors were located before the surgery.



SAVI Sisters

At Innovative Cancer Institute we use the SAVI 5-Day breast cancer treatment for qualified patients. Early-stage breast cancer patients can receive treatment in 5 days instead of six weeks. Learn more about SAVI Sisters.